Bahārāt is a spice mixture that is used in the Middele East and in other Arab speaking countries as a general spice(blend).

Bahārāt is believed to have been a nomadic Bedouin mixture that extended time after time when the Bedouins became acquainted with a new herb or spice. As a result, there is no single bahārāt, but many variants of this spice mixture circulate in the Arab world, each time with a slightly different 'touch', but basically with the same ingredients. A related mixture is fulful bhrat used in the preparation of Kibbeh.

The mixture is peculiar to the entire Mashriq, which is the Arabic-speaking countries east of Libya (including Israel), and to the Turkish and Kurdish cuisine. Beyond it we see a simple bahārāt in Tunisia, which consists only of dried rose buds, cinnamon and black pepper.

In Turkey, bahārāt is used to spice kofte and pilafs, and for that reason mint is added. In the countries of the Gulf of Persia, saffron and dried black lime (loomi) are also added.

Bahārāt contains:

  • pul biber
  • black pepper and / or
  • long pepper
  • coriander seeds
  • clove
  • allspice
  • cinnamon
  • green cardamom
  • rose petals


This mixture has a very warm flavor, making it suitable for various applications, dishes with or without meat, soups and stews, all kinds of meat, birds and fish. Baharat is an excellent rub.


  • mixture as described above: cayene pepper, black pepper coriander seeds, clove, allspice, cinnamon, green cardamom
  • origin: Mashriq (Arab speaking countries east of Libia)


  • available in jar containing 60 grams,
  • and in stand-up pouches with a content of 45, 75 or 250 grams
  • larger quantities on request

Gift packages

  • the jar is available in a tasteful black cubic box
  • for further details (and images) of our gift packaging, please refer to the product page

General advice

  • keep baharat  in a dry and pretty cool place
  • the expiry date is meant as an indication

Best before

  • November  2023

No additions Contains no preservatives and / or salt
Allergen information
This product may contain traces of CELERY and MUSTARD

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