Bucay pepper is a pepper berry from Ecuador, which is grown there according to ancient agricultural methods, without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.

The Bucay pepper is a 'small pepper' in terms of production. The berry is a small type lampong, medium-sized thanks to the very fertile Bucay soil and the sheltered growing conditions. He comes from Bucay, a place in the Guayas province of Central Ecuador, at the foot of the Cordilleras. Black pepper (piper nigrum) is not native here, as nowhere in the New World, and by definition introduced. In the case of this Bucay pepper, this happened quite recently.

Ecuador has more than 100,000 small farms, on which crops such as coffee, cocoa and bananas are grown. The government encourages the introduction of new crops, which gives small farmers new prospects. Black pepper is one of them, the subtropical, humid climate is ideally suited for it. The initiative to grow black pepper in Ecuador is good news for the rainforest, there is no need to cut down, and for the income position of these small farmers.

The pepper is grown on small plots, on the western mountain slopes of Cordilleras, on the edge of the rainforest. The conditions under which the pepper is grown are reminiscent of those in Wayanad, where the (wild) Banasura grows, also under the shelter of existing trees.

The unripe berries are slowly dried on hard surface in the wind, so that the natural smell and taste are maximally preserved. This results in a smoky fragrance, which also characterizes the small lampong pepper. The taste palette also contains citrus (lemon) and mint.

The smoky aroma of the Bucay pepper fits seamlessly with the Ecuadorian cooking tradition. Ecuadorians love roasted dishes, such as cuy (roasted guinea pig) and hornado (slow roasted pig on a spit), their vegetables, seeds and herbs, even fruits.


Suitable for delicate vegetables such as zucchini, cucumbers and beans, in creamy soups and sauces and as a table pepper.


  • 100% pepper berries from the Piper nigrum
  • origin: Bucay (Guayas, Ecuador)
  • harvest 2019

Product range

  • available in pouch, glass and testtubes
  • pouches containing 30, 45, 60, 250 or 500 grams
  • testtubes 10 ml
  • glass containing 60 grams

Gift packages

  • the cubic box is suitable for packaging one glass jar and is supplied with a sheet of black tissue paper
  • the flat box has a flat 'velvet' inlay, and is suitable for  our small and medium-sized pouches (150 and 250 ml), marked with an arterisk *. Capacity: 4-5 bags, depending on the type of spice
  • for further details (and images) of our gift packaging, please refer to the product page

General advice

  • grind pepper shortly before eating it
  • add it only in the last stage of preparation of your dish (last minute)
  • keep it in a dry and pretty cool place
  • the expiry date is meant as an indication

Best before

  • may 2024
Ecuador Guayas (Bucay)
Botanical name
Piper nigrum
No additions 100% dried pepper grains
Allergen information
Contains no allergenes

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Bucay pepper

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