You will experience it, this stunning stainless steel grinder is an asset! It is suitable for grinding all types of pepper, and the content is visible through the perspex window. A robust mill, ideal for on the table!

This pepper grindert is exclusively intended for grinding dry peppercorns or dry coarse salt for household use. Do not use it for damp salt (fleur de sel). The mill is standard suitable for salt and pepper and has a button with the letter "P". For specific use as a salt grater, a special spindle is available with the designation "S".

The dimensions of the grinder are:

  • height 150 mm
  • diameter 27.5 mm

Operation in general

The mechanism consists of a grating shaft that is pushed through an opening by pressing the button with the thumb, like a ballpoint pen. It is a simple mechanism that you can easily maintain.

When the grinder is faltering - this can happen when many small fractions are piling up, hold the grinder upside down for a moment and shake the contents up and down while you press the grater a few times (loosely).

When the  grinder no longer grates, it is often the result of too little pepper in the container. Even when the mill only contains small fragments in use, it can happen that the grater does not 'grab' it. In both cases it helps to fill the container with new pepper.

Filling the grinder

Unscrew the bottom segment and fill the container upside down for a maximum of 50%, until the pepper becomes visible in the window of the container. Hold the shaft in the center as well as possible so that the screwed-off segment can be replaced without any force. Do not tighten it unnecessarily. Thereis no need for that and may cause a damaged thread.

Maintenance of the grinder

The grinder requires hardly any maintenance. If you want to clean the container, screw it apart. Wash the mill with lukewarm soapy water, not in the dishwasher. Assemble the mill as soon as all parts are completely dry.


Peppers contains essential oils. As a result, deposits can form on the inside of the container, making it non-transparent. This is unavoidable, and especially occurs with white pepper varieties, sansho and voatsiperifery.

Very occasionally small hairline cracks occur in the acrylic. These can be the result of prolonged exposure to UV light (never place your pepper grinder in the full sun to preserve the quality of the pepper). These cracks are known under 'stress cracks'.


We give you 1 year warranty on the grinding mechanism (grater and spring).

Grinding mechanism Stainless steel (inox) 304
Housing Stainless steel (inox) 304
Container Acrylate (perspex)

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Stainless steel grinder with pushing mechanism

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