White kampot pepper is a mild Kampot, very suitable for use in white sauces. It is slightly citrusy. This pepper is protected by European regulation with the PGI-label.

The Kampot pepper, in Khmer Mrech Kampot, is named after Kampot, a city and region in southern Cambodia. The peppers grow mostly from a small-pepper plant of the Piper-variety lampong (like white muntok) or the large-leaved plants of the variety kamchay. 

The white Kampot pepper is made from the hand selectedripe berry. After the peppercorns have been soaked in fresh water for a few days, the skin is removed. As a result, the aromas in the skin no longer play a role, making the taste palette of the core more pronounced, hence the light citrus tone. This makes this white pepper very suitable for fish and shellfish such as oysters.

Kampot pepper is called ’the world's best ever pepper’, a reputation that has been built in Indochinese time when the Cambodian pepper was a winner in every self-respecting French restaurant. Kampot is a protected species (PGI) and is included in the "Ark of taste" (Slow Food).

Our Kampot pepper comes from the plantations run by small family businesses. These farmers decided to grow pepper again instead of rice after the fall the Red Khmer and the withdrawal of the Vietnamese army. Because the Khmer Rouge targeted solely on the cultivation of rice, the cultivation of pepper in Cambodia had been virtually lost.

Kampot pepper is cultivated in ancient manner. It's irrigated in the traditional way without any use of pesticides. For the fertilization of the land only natural ingredients from plants are used, besides crayfish, living in the many rice paddies all over the area.

Why not organic? 

The reason why not, is quite simple. Most of the nearly 350 family farms in Cambodia, that grow PGI pepper, are unable to meet the requirements demanded by the international organic standards, demanding considerable investments. Even if there is the possibility of microcredit, for most family businesses that’s proven not to be viable. Most biological Kampot is therefore derived from a small number of larger companies.


Besides the protected Kampotpeper IPG one can see pepper coming from the Kampot region that is not under control of the Kampot Pepper Association. It is offfered as 'regular' Kampot, mainly from larger pepper-plantations.


Because white pepper releases its fragrant aromas when heated, you add the pepper to the preparation of broths and white sauces. The pepper combines perfectly with any shellfish and white fish.


  • white pepper from matured berries of the Piper nigrum.
  • protected by the European PGI-label
  • origin: Kampot region, Cambodia
  • 2018 harvest


  • available in pouch, glass and testtubes
  • pouches containing 30, 45, 60, 250 or 500 grams
  • testtubes 10 ml
  • glass containing 75 grams

Gift packages

  • the cubic box is suitable for packaging one glass jar and is supplied with a sheet of black tissue paper
  • the flat box has a flat 'velvet' inlay, and is suitable for  our small and medium-sized pouches (150 and 250 ml), marked with an arterisk *. Capacity: 4-5 bags, depending on the type of spice
  • for further details (and images) of our gift packaging, please refer to the product page

General advice

  • grind pepper shortly before eating it
  • add it only in the last stage of preparation of your dish (last minute)
  • keep it in a dry and pretty cool place
  • the expiry date is meant as an indication

Best before

  • april 2022
Cambodia From the Kampot region
Botanical name
Piper nigrum Piper nigrum var lampong and Piper nigrum var kamchay
No additions 100% dried pepper grains
Allergen information
Contains no allergenes

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White Kampot pepper PGI

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