The white Penjapeper is a medium-sized, aromatic pepper for lovers of a robust white pepper. The pepper is very fragrant and fruity, thanks to the mineral-rich, volcanic soil of the Penja valley. Absolutely without pesticides and without fertilizer.


Penja pepper is the first and so far only pepper species, grown professionally on African soil. That happens only since the fifties of the last century, when the pepperplant was introduced in Cameroon. Since then, pepper cultivation in Cameroon has taken a flight, showing how succesful a product can grow on quality.

Not only the production has risen sharply in recent years (although it is still a 'small' pepper with 300 tons per year), even the price on the market. More and more farmers are switching over from the less profitable cultivation of cocoa and coffee to that of the pepper. Nearly 70% of Cameroon production is for domestic use only 30% for export.

Penja pepper is a particularly flavorful pepper, according to the best French gastronomes and chefs, who are very fond of the pepper from the former French colony, especially the white Penja. White Penja pepper received the African Protected geographical indication (PGI). Only that white pepper, grown and produced in accordance with the protection-rules (and) grown in the Penja valley of course, may use the name and label Penja PGI.

The pepper is picked when turning red. One of the conditions that the labeling refers to the way the white pepper produced in drinking water filled vessels in which the red skins (mesocarp and pericarp) loosen after 7-10 days and emerge float by gas in the vessels. As a result, it becomes easy to separate the white center and the red pepper skins, after which the pepper is dried in the sun. During maceration slow fermentation takes place, causing the fabolous taste of white Penja.

Organic cultivation of penja pepper is on the rise, although the organic farming represents a small part of the pepper acreage, and the shift to organic growing is only starting.

Why not organic?

In order to be able to deliver this organically grown pepper under the designation, we will have to be certified as a packer / producer of the pepper. We are not. Although we keep the organic products and products from regular cultivation strictly separated, we cannot (yet) carry the organic label.


Suitable for delicate vegetables such as zucchini, cucumbers and beans, in creamy soups and sauces and as a table pepper.


  • 100% pepper berrie endocarp from the Piper nigrum
  • protected by the African PGI label (protected geographical indication)
  • origin: Cameroon, Penja valley (Moungo)
  • harvest 2019

Product range

  • available in pouch, glass and testtubes
  • pouches containing 30, 45, 60, 250 or 500 grams
  • testtubes 10 ml
  • glass containing 75 grams

Gift packages

  • the cubic box is suitable for packaging one glass jar and is supplied with a sheet of black tissue paper
  • the flat box has a flat 'velvet' inlay, and is suitable for  our small and medium-sized pouches (150 and 250 ml), marked with an arterisk *. Capacity: 4-5 bags, depending on the type of spice
  • for further details (and images) of our gift packaging, please refer to the product page

General advice

  • grind pepper shortly before eating it
  • add it only in the last stage of preparation of your dish (last minute)
  • keep it in a dry and pretty cool place
  • the expiry date is meant as an indication

Best before

  • may 2024
Cameroon Penja valley, Mounu district
Botanical name
Piper nigrum
No additions 100% dried pepper grains
Allergen information
Contains no allergenes

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White Penja pepper PGI

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