This almost sweet-tasting long pepper is an excellent pepper for use in savory pastries and spicy bread. He comes from the Binh Duong region, which is known for its fruit cultivation, including the cultivation of dragon fruit.

Long pepper was used as a medicine by the Greeks and Romans. Until the 12th century, long pepper was a major spice in Europe, according to tradition mainly used to mask the bad taste of the meat. It was although a rather expensive spice. In the first century AD, the price of long pepper was twice as expensive as the price of white pepper and four times the price of black pepper.

In the 14th century, a true pepper fight arose in which all colonial powers were involved. Soon there was no longer room for long pepper, displaced by black pepper, and later with the discovery of the New World on the sharp side by chili peppers.

Long pepper has always remained popular in Southeast Asia. The most special long peppers come from this part of the world, from Cambodia, Vietnam and Japan. Outside of Asia, Cape pepper grows in large parts of the African continent, especially in the east and south of Africa.

To the north of the city of Hô-Chi Minh (formerly Saigon) lies the fertile region Bình Dương, known among other things for the orchards of Lái Thiêu. Among the exotic fruits grows our exquisite red long pepper, famous for its sweet palette.

How do you pronounce Bình Dương ?

Smell and taste

This long pepper is quite sharp, especially for a pepper of this type. You can taste a palette of sweet citrus notes, but the spicy-woody scent of black pepper *) dominates. These are the mmain aromatic components in this long pepper - besides the peppery aromas :

  • β-caryophyllene, sweet spicy and woody
  • n-pentadecane, an important odor component of tea
  • β-bisabolene, citrus, fruity and woody


The dried pepper is quite hard and appears to be difficult to process, but when you first break the pepper or cut it into pieces, it can easily be ground or screwed. The smell of ground long pepper is simply overwhelming, very aromatic. Is compared to that of False cardamom (korarima): sour sweet. Sweet dominates the Vietnamese long pepper.

Red long peppers combine perfectly with lamb meat, goat meat, goat cheese, duck, fruit and in general dishes in which cinnamon, cloves and saffron can also be used.


  • 100% berries of the Piper longum
  • origin: Bình Dương, Vietnam
  • 2018 harvest


  • available in pouch and glass 
  • pouches containing 30, 45, 60, 250 or 500 grams
  • glass containing 45 grams

Gift packages

  • the cubic box is suitable for packaging one glass jar and is supplied with a sheet of black tissue paper
  • the flat box has a flat 'velvet' inlay, and is suitable for  our small and medium-sized pouches (150 and 250 ml), marked with an arterisk *. Capacity: 4-5 bags, depending on the type of spice
  • for further details (and images) of our gift packaging, please refer to the product page

General advice

  • use the pepper whole in stews and curries and ground on your lamb cutlets . . .
  • grind long pepper in small batches and keep those in a well-sealed jar for no more than a couple of weeks ahead
  • add ground long pepper only in the last stage of preparation of your dish (last minute)
  • keep it in a dry and pretty cool place
  • the expiry date is meant as an indication

Best before

  • may 2024
Viet nam From the Binh Duong region
Botanical name
Piper longum (Indiase lange peper)
No additions 100% dried long pepper (whole)
Allergen information
Contains no allergenes

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Red long Bình Dương pepper

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