Right of withdrawal


European law has provided the possibility of returning items supplied by an internet store to the store without giving any reason and to abandon the order. This is called the right of withdrawal, the period within which claims can be made therein is called the cooling-off period (cooling-off period).

The law provides for a cooling-off period of fourteen calendar days after delivery. But watch out. Perishable foodstuffs are excluded from the right of withdrawal for hygienic reasons (food safety). This exclusion applies to all our spices. The right of withdrawal therefore only applies to non-food items.

If you invoke the right of withdrawal, we will send you a confirmation of your report and an explanation of the procedure by return.

How does it work ?

On the basis of the right of withdrawal, you have the option to cancel your purchase and to reclaim the purchase amount, or to request a replacement product. If you opt for the latter, we will - subject to availability - arrange for immediate dispatch after receipt of the return shipment.

Any price differences in your favor are immediately settled with a refund. In the case of an additional payment you will receive an additional order with payment request from us. Your new item will be sent to you as soon as possible after receiving the additional payment. In both cases you will receive a written confirmation of the agreements from us.

After you have indicated that you wish to make use of the right of withdrawal within the cooling-off period, you have - again - fourteen calendar days to return your purchase, provided that it is unused and undamaged and with due observance of the following return rules.

Who pays what?

The right of withdrawal gives you the right to a refund of the costs of purchasing the relevant product (s) including the payment for handling and shipping costs paid if the cancellation does not concern all products received pro rata.

The costs of returning the product are for your account, unless explicitly agreed otherwise with you. We meet this by setting the fee for handling and shipping the return shipment at € 3.95 per package. We provide you with the (digital) proof of shipment. This amount is deducted from the settlement or refund. For returns from abroad, the contribution depends on the country of return, at least € 6.00 per package.

If in doubt, always contact us.

Rules for return shipment

Follow the rules for return shipment:

  • the product has not been used

Every buyer is permitted to assess a product's functioning. This is considered 'not used', provided that the assessment has taken place with care. For example, the product may not be extensively tested. In the case of the pepper mills, this means that they can be tried empty. If there is a problem after filling, please refer to the guarantee scheme.

  • the product is undamaged

It speaks for itself. If you have received the product damaged, contact us immediately after receipt via our contact form or by telephone with the help desk. When assessing, always assess whether the packaging is damaged, and you may suspect that the content is. Refuse seriously damaged packaging!

  • the product is properly packaged and sent correctly prepaid

In principle you use the original packaging for this. You will receive a return sticker from us based on the size of the package used by us, from the same transporter that delivered your order.

We ask you to print this proof of shipment, confirm it on the package and deliver it to a service point of the carrier. As soon as the package has been accepted by the delivery point, the shipment falls under our responsibility, provided that the product is properly packaged!

We do not accept packages that are encumbered with punishment. Therefore, do not use a letter package stamp to send a (larger) package. We reserve the right to deduct penalties from your refund.


If the aforementioned rules are met, we will refund you within five working days of receiving the return product. If the rules of the game are not met, we reserve the right to propose a different refund amount, in the most extreme case to refrain from a refund.